Who is the owner of Fazaa?

Who is the owner of Fazaa?

Fazaa is a well-known company that offers a wide range of services and benefits to its members. Many people are curious about the company’s ownership and are eager to know who owns Fazaa.

About Fazaa

Fazaa is a popular membership program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The program offers various benefits and discounts to its members, ranging from shopping to dining, entertainment, and travel. Fazaa strives to enhance the quality of life for its members by providing exclusive offers and opportunities.

Ownership Structure

Fazaa is a subsidiary of the Dubai Government’s Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD). ICD is the principal investment arm of the Government of Dubai and holds diverse interests across various sectors, including financial services, transportation, energy, and telecommunications.

Fazaa is primarily owned by the ICD, with the Dubai Government being the ultimate owner. The company operates under the strategic guidance and support of the government, ensuring its alignment with Dubai’s vision and goals.

Key Players

While the specific individuals involved in the day-to-day operations of Fazaa may not be publicly disclosed, it is important to note that the Dubai Government plays a significant role in shaping the company’s direction. The government appoints experienced professionals to lead and manage the company, ensuring its effective functioning.

Benefits for Members

Fazaa is dedicated to providing exclusive benefits and privileges to its members. By partnering with various merchants and service providers, Fazaa offers discounts, rewards programs, and special offers across a wide range of sectors. Members can enjoy discounted shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, and much more, making their membership truly valuable.

Who is the owner of Fazaa?

Expansion and Growth

Under the ownership and strategic guidance of the Dubai Government, Fazaa has experienced significant growth and expansion since its establishment. The company continues to explore new partnerships and opportunities to enhance its offerings and reach a wider audience.

Fazaa’s commitment to providing exceptional services and valuable benefits to its members has contributed to its success and popularity in the UAE. The ownership structure ensures stability and long-term sustainability, allowing Fazaa to continue serving its members effectively.

While the specific individuals responsible for the day-to-day operations of Fazaa may not be publicly disclosed, the ownership of the company lies with the Dubai Government through the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD). Fazaa’s close affiliation with the government enables it to offer valuable benefits and services to its members, contributing to its enduring popularity and success in the UAE.

Saif bin Zayed directed the launch of the “Fazaa of Pride of the Homeland” initiative